Reconstruction completed!

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Reconstruction completed!

Beitrag von Johnnie »

Hey folks, fellow community members, welcome back!

We have completed the maintenance work on the board and even did some graphic paintwork - the forum is yours again!

We've contacted some 180 members and asked if they wanted to stay active in this community. So far, 14 fortunately decided to stay, another 18 were merely graveyard accounts. After two weeks of waiting we found about 160 inactive members.

We've decided to squeeze in a week off for maintenance once a year, so we hope the effort and time will be less in the future and the members you'll find here are all alive and eager to share their musical thoughts!

As you can see, we've expanded and reconfigured the forum structure. At "Veranstaltungen und Termine" you'll find events and dates as well as reviews. There's a new member forum with topics such as "Musik und Videos von euch", where you can post your own musical stuff. We've come up with a new "present yourself" forum as well, including one for the admins.

In the "Boerse" area you can offer gear - if you have presented 10 posts or more. We want to avoid having members that come up with a single gear post and stay nominal from then on. We're not ebay, we're a community, so stay active, folks!

The old "gear talk" now has a better and more open structure. Beginners welcome - post your questions and ideas and discuss with other musicians!

The "General Music Chat" is still the most important part of the board - just as the English one only has a single GMC part. John Petrucci and Dream Theater have special sections.

You'll find another new part of the board at " im Interview mit..", where you'll find regular interviews with guitarists and people with Dream Theater, usually published by Johnnie.

We've decided to leave out the Music Contest and the Chat section for now. Both sections haven't been used frequently, and we think it's best to concentrate on the GMC stuff.
Der Music Contest und das Chat Forum

Alright, so much for our reconstruction, hope you'll like it and enjoy the talks with the new and shiny German John Petrucci community!

The admin